1. BLAZER – A blazer is essential for that job interview, that college admissions interview and also when you wear a blazer you can dress up a dress, a shirt, a tank top and look professional.
  2. JEANS (New York & Company) – I’ve tried many fits and brands.  But I honestly, think that New York and Company has the best jeans.  The jeans are affordable, have stretch and you can wash these jeans multiple times and these don’t become too tight or overstretched when you remove them from the dryer. Where these jeans with a Blazer on Casual Friday at work and you look Casual but still presentable to Upper Management.  (What if you have an Impromptu meeting? You’ll be Ready)
  3. BLACK WORK DRESS (Banana Republic) –  Has saved my life a thousand times!!!! In my opinion if you’re budget only allows you to have 1 black dress.  Please invest in this.  You’ll have it for years and it’s a staple.  Wear it to work, wear it to school, wear it to a cocktail or party after work.
  4. WHITE TOP – Essential item that can be worn with a pencil skirt or any color slack.  It’s a “must have” and a “Go to” if you’re in a Rush in the morning and have no clue what to wear.  Reach for a White top, Slacks, Scarf and some pumps and your’re OUT THE DOOR!!!
  5. FOREVER CLUTCH (Victoria’s Secret)- This is a recent birthday gift! Perfect because it has a ring that keeps all the clutches together.  I recommend that you have a least one clutch.  A clutch is used for cocktail parties, gatherings etc.  Or when, let’s be honest….you don’t feel like breaking your back carrying around a tote!!!
A great investment piece for years!!!
A great investment piece for years!!!

White and Gold Blazer Jeans from New York and Company White Lace Top photo 5


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