Que es la Luz? – What is the Light? by Luz Del Alba

“ Que es la Luz”


En la equina esta la luz que de pronto has buscado por tantos anos.  La luz es como parte de la verdad que tanto buscamos todos durante nuestra vida.  Y sabes donde se encuentra la luz divina y de donde mana; o nace?

La Luz proviene de nuestro creador Universal y si nos alimentamos dia a dia de forma espiritual a traves de la palabra de Dios, nuestra fe crece y las expectativas en nuestro Corazon crece y se Fortalece.  Hoy dia el mundo que vivimos esta envuelto en una gran tiniebla y oscuridad espiritual.  De manera que Dios a derramado a traves del Espiritu Santo dones milagrosos que muchas personas lo poseen, esas personas que poseen La Luz Divina de Jehova son dirigidos por los angeles que Jehova a enviado a la tierra para Ayudar a las personas a salir de la Tinieblas.  (Santiago 1:17)

En mi proxima platica, les explicare sobre los dones y capacidades que tienes muchas personas.


Con Amor – Luz Del Alba

In Englishlet_there_be_light

“What is the Light?”

At the Corner, you’ll find the light which suddenly you have looked for so many years. The light is part of the truth that we’ve looked for all during our life.  And you know where the divine light is and where it flows? Or it is born? The Light comes from our Universal creator and if we are nourished and fed day by day spiritually through the word of God, our faith grows and the expectation in our Heart grows and it is fortified.  Now-a-days the world which we live in is surrounded in great confusion and spiritual darkness.  God bestowed through the Holy Spirit miraculous gifts that many people have. Those people who have the Divine Light of Jehovah are directed by guardian angels that Jehovah sent to the Earth to help the people to leave the Darkness.  (Santiago 1:17)

In my next talk/blog, I will explain on the gifts and capacities that you have many people have and may not be aware of.  You are gifted and you are Talented.


With Love – Light of Alba


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