21 Rules for Surviving the Cubicle Corporate World

  1. This is not a Blue Collar Job – Expect more backstabbing, sneakiness, and lying.
  2. Say, “Hi” to everyone in the Office – treat everyone as you’d like to be treated
  3. No loyalties – (I’ve witnessed many bosses take credit and forgive to give credit)
  4. Watch your Corners – (If upper management tells you to do something –DO IT)
  5. Read a Few booksFabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons
  6. Careful with your Mouth! – Don’t talk about anyone.
  7. Careful with your Mouth Again! – Never speak of anything that can’t be repeated 3x over. It’s an office and people love to hang out by the water cooler and many times you may be the subject of conversation
  8. Be honest – we live in the world of technology many corporate settings have cameras and emails. Basically, many places see what you do and hear what you do.  They can even pull up all the internet browsing you has done for the past month.
  9. Don’t be Fake!!! –There’s something about being Genuine that will take you a long way. A fake smile or a fake compliment can be perceived
  10. Be Involved – If your company has a picnic or a volunteer opportunity be in it! You’ll have the opportunity to meet other managers plus you send the message that you’re here.  You want this company to invest in you ….. And well shouldn’t you do the same?
  11. Multiple Priorities – Manage them ask your supervisor which one to complete first
  12. Manage Your Manager – Remind him/her of what has to be reviewed gently remind them or tell them, “I feel pressured to completing this assignment.  Will you be able to review this soon?”
  13. Never Speak Ill – Never speak ill of your Boss.  Listen, I’ve worked with some real characters.  I’ve had bosses I felt literally took the Elevator from hell.  Many co-workers may ask you (some may run to your boss to tell him/her what you said).  So keep your opinion to yourself.  Like that old fashion rule, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all”.
  14. Come in Early – this is self explanatory
  15. Dress for the job – Dress for the job that you want, not for the job that you have
  16. Keep your work space tidy – stay organized so that you can be efficient and you’re not losing files left and right
  17. Take 1 to 2 seminars a year – Never stop learning.  I suggest: https://www.nationalseminarstraining.com/
  18. Don’t be afraid to Apologize – Hey, we all have bad days or a miscommunication and its best if you acknowledge it.
  19. Be Positive – Worry about yourself not what your Neighbor is doing
  20. Work Hard – Compete with yourself
  21. Visit and Read this Blog right here often: lindalatoyalifestyle.org



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