TAMIK REALZ 08 – No One Can Take Away Your Voice

When I was 17 years old I was raped and I didn’t report it (Don’t Judge Me). I felt like it was my fault and no one would believe me. It had got to a point that I tried to pretend that it never happened, but it did. I thought I was okay and that I was over it but I’m not. I am now 33 years old and I’m still having nightmares. I have learned to talk about it and to fight for my voice back that was taken from me all those years ago.

I want to help women that feel like they have lost their voice . You can even start off anonymously if that would make up feel better.

How this site works is you post a situation that is happening in your life and I or another poster may respond to it. Remember this is a judgment free zone. So if you have nothing positive to say please do not respond.

I would like to leave you with this thought. No one can take away your voice unless you let them. It’s time to fight back.



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