Tamik Realz 08 – Don’t Judge Me

Hi my name is Tamika and I would like to talk to you about my blog. It’s called Tamika Realz. It’s a blog spot where women can come and post situation that may have happened to them or a situation they are going through and get advice from myself or other women that may have been through the same thing and also where there will be No Judgment. I came up with this idea one day when I was coming from the gym with my cousin. I put in one the hardest workouts of my life and as soon as my cousin and I left the gym I went right into the pizza store and ordered two slices of pizza, then went into Baskin and Robins and ordered myself a small size of buttered pecan ice cream. I know I know shameful, but while we were in the store I kept telling my cousin not to judge me for what I was doing. She said she wasn’t and then she went onto tell me about something she did and then said “Don’t Judge Me”. We went back and forth for a while when another women that heard our conversation jumped in and told us something that she went through and finished it with don’t judge me. And in that moment it sparked a conversation about what everyday women go through and how some women are afraid to talk about it or get help with certain situations because they fear they might get judged. I am hoping that this blog here will help put an end to that. And to help things get started I will tell something about myself.


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