Dia de Las Madres by LUZ DEL ALBA

Todas las madres reciben un homenage bien merecido, una Buena madre es parte  essencial.  Las madres inpulsan a sus hijos y hijas a crecer como seres humanos y por lo coumun copian lo que ven de sus padres.  Existen different clases de madres con diferents actitudes para guiarlos por buen camino, con bases genuinar Cristiana y incluyento el amor a Dios y nuestro Senor.  Recordemos a Maria la madre de Jesus, que aun que ella sabia por el Angel Grbariel, de que la mission de Jesus era a entrega su vida, para que en el future pudieramos tener la oportunidad de ser slvados, a traves de su sangre redentora.  Maria, con todo respecto a Dios y obediencia adsoluta, pudo soportar el inmenso doloer que le ocasiono la muerte de su hijo mas amado.  Existen hoy

dia madres maravillosas y que se han sacraficado al maximo por sus hijos, han apoyado y aportado para la educacion y el success.

Querida Madres depostiemos nuestra fe y con fianza en Jehova nuestro Dios, y mediantede la oracion anparemos a nuestros hijos/hijas bajo la mano protectora de Dios.

Por lo tanto recordemos el texto de Romanos 8:38-39


Mother’s Day by Luz Del Alba (In English)

All mothers receive a well-deserved homage, a good mother is essencial part of a human beings life. Mothers are a navigating nurturing force to their children. To grow as human beings and so do children copy what they see their parents do. There are different kinds of mothers with different attitudes utilized to guide children on the right track, with bases on Jesus and Christianity. Remember Mary the mother of Jesus, she knew that even the Angel Gabriel, that the mission of Jesus was to surrender his life, so that in the future we could have the opportunity to be saved, through his atoning blood. Maria, with all respect to God and obedience absolute, could withstand the immense pain that caused the death of her most beloved son. There exists wonderful mothers today who have sacrafices the maximum for their children, have supported and contributed to their education and success.

Dear Mother deposit your faith and trust in our Lord God and prayer meditating and requesting  our sons / daughters under the protective hand of God.

So remember the text of Romans 8: 38-39



    1. Yes, aren’t we all inspired by many and all things. I’m currently working hard on some new topics and articles. 2017 will be the best yet. Don’t forget to view our 2 celebrity articles of Mimi Isles and Judy Torres. –


    1. Hi- Luz Del Alba has been on TV and had her own Astrology Talk Show on Radio Station Latino 1310. She has studied and has holds 8 education certificates in Astrology and Numerology. She is 72 years old. Again we are a website for women and by women. We are very happy to have her.


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