Post 2 


Hi guys. Hope all you moms and grandmas had great Mother’s Day!

So this post isn’t really about giving advice or anything but more of a rant about an issue that I have to deal with as a single mom to a boy.


My son is 7 years old. When we are out in public at a mall or a restaurant or anywhere like that and either of us have to use the rest room I always have him come into the ladies room with me. I do not feel comfortable letting him go into the men’s room alone. If something happens it’s harder for me to get to him. Whether, it is him locking himself in a stall and not being able to get out (which by the way has happened before), not having toilet paper or perhaps something worse.


Well not long ago I took my son to a place called The Crayola Experience. It came time to go to the bathroom. So we went to the ladies room as usual and there was an older woman that stated that I should not be letting my son in there.  She stated that it is disgusting and that I should be ashamed. Well, those who know me well will find it hard to believe that I didn’t say a word to this woman. But I was angry and a little offended. I think he is still young enough to come with me. He is not spying on anyone else. It is a bathroom. He does what he needs to washes his hands and leaves.


So I am curious ladies… Have any of you had to deal with this before? What age do you think is acceptable? Let me know. And if you have any questions for me I’d be happy to help!



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