4/9/2015 FOR JUNE, 2015 INTERVIEW

Interview with Kenyatta Grant

Fashion Merchandising Graduate Degree Student

  • What’s your passion? It’s funny initially I wanted to get into Communications/ Broadcasting.  I got out of school starting looking and researching and couldn’t get my foot in the door anywhere. The more I pushed the more I lost the passion for Communications.   I started to look deep into myself and realize what I loved the most was Retail.  I decided to go back to school and obtain a Master’s degree in Fashion merchandising.
  • What is your current position/ current industry that you’re working in? I’m working in Insurance.  I got into insurance because I couldn’t get into Communications.  Someone recommended me and I got the job.  I have worked in different positions in the Insurance industry.  I’ve been 10 years in Insurance and have not been able to excel.  Hence, why I decided in 2011 to go back to school to attain my Masters Degree in Fashion merchandising and really pursue my passion.
  • So currently how many degrees do you have? I have two degrees Associates in Broadcast Journalism and Bachelor’s in Communication and currently working on Masters Degrees.
  • What advice could you give that woman who is transitioning from retail to corporate job? There are many college students that do have retails jobs during school, what advice would you give them? If there are programs that your jobs offer.  Please take those free programs.  I was offered a Buying Program when I worked at Macy’s and did not take that opportunity.  At that time I was a student and my focus was somewhere else.


  • What does the future hold, 5 years from now? I hope I can have a buying position for a major Fashion Design company or something. I don’t believe in giving up.  Some people just let it go.  I keep pushing.  I don’t give up and lie down and say, “I’m done”.  I don’t believe in that, even if I have to switch and go back to school again!
  • What message do you have for the readers? If there was a young Kenyatta out there reading this right now, what would you say? Stay dedicated and Positive and Work Hard.

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