As you all well know I’m busy and I can’t always go to the store to shop.  But, I’m a girl on a Budget who loves good deals. Plus, I love FASHION so I like to stay on Trend without investing too much money.

So here I my top 5 Online Stores.


They have a pretty wide range of sizes they offer Vintage, shoes, dresses jewelry, accessories, swim wear.  The list goes on.  I just ordered from the swimwear section and I love it.  It shipped quickly and it was very affordable.

Affordability: $


Sophia Amoruso is the CEO of this website.  You might have read #GIRLBOSS BOOK  ? Hello, and if you haven’t please pick up a copy at your library or  It’s a must read for all women. Why I like this website?! check out their vintage section and you’ll instantly know why!  It offers amazing vintage designer brands for a very affordable price.  I also find that they have some of the most amazing collections that are hard to find anywhere.  The site has a great customer service phone number and a live chat.  Honestly, the photos they post and how the merchandise is illustrated would make anyone reach for their credit card.

Affordability: $$$$


I love them for their amazing sales and good quality.  Sizes are true fit.  Of course you can get anything here as well from swimwear to to Styles for under $29.  Now, that’s a Yes!!!

Affordability: $$


Very trendy but age appropriate!!! plus they show videos of how to use or combine outfits.  Best store for sizes! they have S, P, L, and R.  So yes, that means Petite, Short, Long, and Regular.  So it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are.  You will find something that fits.  I especially love their Tops collections and bottoms collection.

Affordability:  $$$


Okay, so you might know the sisters that own this store.  Yes! it’s the Kardashians! The sections that I love are the following; Rompers & Jumpsuits – They have such a large collection of these and 34 to be exact that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Intimates – Amazing, colorful and delicate!! This is a great store for smaller sizes.

Affordability: $$$



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