Career – “Plan B” by LINDA3000

Career – “Plan B“

  1.  Keep Moving Forward

Always keep an Eye and Ear Open for new positions where you work and don’t be afraid to Ask and to Apply.  You may like your current position.  However, that doesn’t mean that you STOP learning new things or acquire new skills to improve yourself and your job.‎

If you didn’t attend college, it’s never too late! Many employers will pay for your education.  See your HR Department.  If you graduated college, you still need to keep learning.  There is always new technologies, techniques etc.  Hey, if you work in a small place that doesn’t provide education assistance.  The course offered above are offered as low as $199. Listen, if you work as a Beautician or work in a store.  Ask yourself “what else can I learn?”  You name it! There’s a course for it even at your local community college.  INVEST IN YOURSELF.

2. Keep Options Open

Let’s face it companies that were relevant 10-15 years ago.  Don’t exist anymore or merged into a conglomerate.  The Fact is no matter who you are.  In some point in your Career…..You’re going to Get Fired!!! This happens to everyone from the CEO to the Receptionist.  Don’t Panic.  Throughout the time you’ve put in you were doing No. 1 listed above and No. 2 which I’m about to you now.  YOU’RE TALENTED, INTELLIGENT AND CAPABLE.  Perhaps, no one has told you this but I’m telling you this.  What hobbies do you have?  What do you like to do?  Are your current job skills transferable to other industries or positions?  Keep your Options Open.  What kind of Personality do you have?  What Job what make you the happiest?  The Truth is…..If you Love what you do…You’re going to be Successful or my nickname isn’t L.L.

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  1. Keep Trying New Things

Not just at work.  How can you try new things at work? How about being friendly and saying hi and Bye to everyone.  How about asking someone out to lunch? You might even learn a little about the company.  How about coming in 15 minutes earlier or staying 15 minutes later?  It takes the average person 15 minutes to get settled in at work before starting to work.  Staying 15 minutes later, organize for the next morning.  Create a To Do list so that you know how to handle the next day.  Put tasks on your computer/ email calendar.  Don’t be afraid to offer your assistance or expertise to another department.  I’ve helped Marketing, Finance, Payroll, HR and have even helped organized companywide picnics.  Yea, it was a lot of work.  But I got to learn new things!


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