The Jazzercise Experience! – by Deidre

The Jazzercise Experience!  

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Are you looking for a great, fun way to lose weight or to stay healthy?   How about a way to lower stress or maybe you are just looking to build self- confidence?  Jazzercise may be the program you have been searching for.  Jazzercise involves dancing to fast- paced music, stretching out the muscles after the dance party and also lifting weights to make your muscles stronger.  Each class is only an hour-long, so finding time to Jazzercise is easy to do!

The Jazzercise environment is a very comfortable place to work out.   The instructors and other students are very nice and non judgmental.  At my first class, I thought I did horribly and by the end of class was very embarrassed.  After class, however, so many people came up to me telling how awesome I did for my first class.  Right then and there I knew that Jazzercise was for me.   There is a full range of ages and shapes and sizes.  We have members from age sixteen to age eighty and everywhere in between.  Everyone works at their own pace.  It takes longer for me to learn all the routines than the average person, but I learned that is okay and keep working at it.    All the routines have high- impact and low- impact options, so the students can decide which they prefer on any day.  Sometimes after a busy day at work, I do not have the energy to do high impact so low impact it is.    If a person has any questions about anything about Jazzercise, the instructors will answer it without making you feel silly!  Trust me, I thought I had asked many silly and strange questions, but they ended up being normal questions that a lot of people ask, for example, how to do a certain move.   The other members are always rooting for their friends when they complete a Jazzercise milestone, like reaching 150 classes in a calendar year.  Even the temperature is comfortable at Jazzercise.  The workouts are done in a climate- controlled studio.  No reason to workout doors in the hot or cold weather.  And if it rains, no problem!  It is in a nice and dry building!  I have not tried Jazzercise in the winter yet, but will be happy that I can stay in shape during the cold season especially with the holiday meals ahead!  I have tried many times to do workouts outside, but with my allergies and asthma it was impossible.  With all the reasons why Jazzercise is a comfortable place to work out, maybe you should give it a try.

You may feel like you need to be a professional dancer to join Jazzercise, but that is not the case. The only time I have ever danced was in the shower!  Even if you have never danced before or picked up a hand- held weight, that’s okay! The instructors are very good at breaking down the steps in order for the student to catch on.  This is also true for the weight routines.  Weights used to scare me and I thought that I could never do it.  But now I really enjoy using weights and have seen nice results from using them.  Also, the more you practice and attend classes, the better you will become at Jazzercise.  Practice, practice, practice!  One of the instructors from Jazzercise gave me great advice: start with the low impact first before moving to high impact.  This advice really works.  And if you make a mistake or get off the beat, who cares as long as you have fun.  When you hear a Jazzercise song on the radio in the car, you will want to pull over and start dancing!  When I am with a friend or my husband and a song from Jazzercise comes on the radio, I make sure everyone knows that is their song and sing along! In class as long as you are moving your, body that is the most important thing! As you can see, Jazzercise is for the advanced all the way down to the beginner.

Another reason why a person should join Jazzercise is because it is very flexible in many areas.  Jazzercise knows that people work and some people have crazy work hours. Some weeks I work seven days a week and my hours are all over the place! However, I still find lots of classes during the week to attend that work with my schedule. Because of this, classes are offered in the morning and late afternoons to early evenings.  The classes are held seven days a week at many centers, so finding classes to attend is pretty easy!  Lots of choices!  Many of the Jazzercise students have children.  There are many classes a week where childcare is offered for the hour at a very low rate.  In fact, it is less than what a regular babysitter would charge.  The best part about the childcare is that it is held right at the studio and the caregivers are very kind and experienced.  I see the children very excited to go into the childcare room and give warm hugs to the caregivers.  The Jazzercise studio I attend even has a huge dollhouse and a little toy-car garage that I would not mind playing with!  Being a nanny myself, I can see that the caregivers are very warm people who really love children.  Another way that Jazzercise is flexible is that they have many different locations to choose from!   The chances of finding one close to your home or work is pretty good.  If you are on vacation or visiting a family member, you can look up online to see if there is a Jazzercise location close by and go work out!  Membership is even flexible.  You can sign up for two months to make sure you like it, which you definitely will.   A student can also make a commitment for six months or a year.  I signed up for the year and definitely will be signing up for many years to come!  With so many options, joining Jazzercise is really simple.   People look for flexibility when looking for a workout program to join.  Jazzercise is very flexible in many ways.

Jazzercise helps you lose weight and to stay healthy.  It is a dancing workout that works the entire body and all of the muscle groups.  Dancing is so much fun that it is hard to believe that you are actually exercising!  The hour of Jazzercise goes by so fast because it is so much fun!  Many people have daily stress in their lives, but moving your body a few times a week will help you burn the stress away!  I look forward to go to jazzercise daily and after class I feel so much better.  Jazzercise helps build self- esteem, too.  Before joining Jazzercise my self-confidence was not very high, but now I believe in myself so much more that I even decided to finish up my college degree.  This is due to Jazzercise.  I also met some terrific people and became friends with them.  It is nice to become friends with people who have the same goal as you, to become healthy and have fun while doing it.   Learning the routines with fellow friends is fun and exciting and once you master a routine you will feel like a back-up dancer for your favorite star.  Or even be your favorite star!

Jazzercise is a great workout program for anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy, decrease stress, and build their self-confidence.  To find out more information about Jazzercise or to find local classes visit  There are so many reasons why Jazzercise is a positive workout experience from being flexible to the very comfortable workout environment.  Once you try a class you will be hooked and will want to continue your Jazzercise journey!


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