Interview with our

 Contributors – Part 1

Hi All! As you well know I love to do the Interviews and each month I like to bring something new.  I truly do believe that you can learn so much from someone else’s experience.  So this month I decided to Interview the Contributors of Linda Latoya Lifestyle.Org.  They truly are the All-Stars of this website.

  1. What was your Inspiration to start a Blog?
  2. What future topics do we have to look forward to?
  3. What is your Message of Inspiration to others?
  4. How did you start? Is this the first blog website you write for?
  5.                                       Where do you see your blog in 5 years?



  1. I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other women like me, that going through the same situations like me. I wanted to let women know that they are not alone.
  2. I want my future topics to be about everything. I don’t want there to be a limit on any topic. I will talk about everything and hold nothing back.
  3. I want to inspire people to never give up. I want to show women that no matter what life throws at you and it feels like you can’t handle it. Just remember we were made for this. We are stronger than we look.
  4. I am hoping that in five years I am able to take my message offline and be able to help people face to face. I understand that not everyone is online and probably won’t see my post. I want to be able to touch everyone.


Darby – Single Mom


  1. There are some things that I think about in my daily life and I often wonder if anyone else is dealing with the same thing.
  2. Not really sure sometimes I come up with topics in the fly. Or sometimes they are about events that happen in my daily life.
  3. Well I am a single mom. I want other single moms to know they aren’t alone. There are other people dealing with similar issues they are.
  4. Is this the first blog website you write for? This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I never thought anyone would care about what I have to say.
  5. Hopefully there is a worldwide following.


Fitness by Karen


  1. I was hesitant at first about writing a blog, but then I thought I can do this I have lots the share with others.
  2. Some topics I would love to blog about are goals, motivation, working out while having kids around, how to find your healthy lifestyle and more.
  3. My message of inspiration for others is “Don’t be afraid to fail… Be afraid not to try.”
  4. This is my first blog website.
  5. In 5 years I hope my blog reaches many women who have read it and can take something from them whether it is for fitness, goals or just learning to love yourself for whom you are.



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