Telling the Truth about Sex – Real Talk- TamikRealz08

Talking about Sex…………….
Did you know that most women don’t talk about sex with their partner?  Some women find it to be embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about.  Or they don’t know what to say.  I bring this up because I was in a group setting with some friends and we got on the subject of sex and our partners.  As I was sitting and listening to everyone talk about the good and the bad, a question popped in my head.  Do any of you talk to your partner about sex? Whether, it’s good or bad.  Some of them said no and others said only when it’s good and fake it if it’s bad.  So another question popped in my head.  WHY?  You talk to your partner about everything.   Then, why not about sex?

Now of course there is that one person in the group that asked me if I talk to my husband about our sex life.  I said yes good and bad.  Then, I was asked, “how did that conversation turn out”?   I told them the GODs honest truth. My husband and I got into it.  He felt that I was putting him down and then he had the thought that I would leave him for someone else. But I told him very calmly that I was not going to leave him. That I needed to teach him about my body and how I wanted to be sexed up.  Yes I said it sexed up!

I told the women that I’m not an expert or anything when it comes to sex but,  I think the reason why a lot of women cheat on their men is because they don’t know how to tell their partner how to sex them up.  Every woman has a way that she likes and a woman knows her body best. Some of the women said that they don’t want their partner to think that they were some kind of freak.  I said let’s be honest most men want that inner freak to come out.  And for those that are not sure you know your man better than anyone.

Now I’m not saying go up to your partner and flat out say I don’t like our sex life.  I’m saying every now and again whisper in his/her ear something you would like to try.  When you’re in bed catch him by surprise and take over. Show him/her what you like.  Don’t lose a good partner by cheating.  If you have a good partner at home work on that first.  That’s what I did.  Yes first he was hurt and his pride bruised, but once I started showing him what I liked our sex life is better.  I would rather tell him the truth than to hurt him by lying and cheating


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