What it means to be a Single Mom to a little boy —-SINGLE MOM – BY DARBY

Single Mom – Darby


What it means to be a single mom to a little boy


When I first found out that I was pregnant I wanted a girl. My son’s father wanted a boy. Well I had the ultrasound and found out I was having a boy. My son’s father was super excited. And admittedly so was I. His dad thought yea I have a little me to do sports with etc. Well little did he realize that little boys like their mommies better.  My son’s father and I ultimately went our separate ways. Which meant that I would have to teach a boy all the things a dad is supposed to. I have to say potty training was a little tricky. I thought “holy cow I don’t pee standing up how I am supposed to teach someone to do it?” Well it turned out easier than I thought and in two weeks we were all potty trained. I think what that sets my son apart is that most of my friends are women and well we spend a lot of time (since he is with me 95% of the time) with my female friends he is more conscious of other people’s feelings. I mean sure he does the typical boy things burping and being gross etc. But he’ll be the first one to hold a door open, or rub my head when I’m not feeling well. He thinks of other people first.
As far as sports go, I’m not really into them. But if go to my sons sporting events and I am his biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. But I don’t know what a running back does and I don’t know wrestling moves. But I’ll be there to support him.   I am sometimes terrified that I am not doing a good job. But when his teachers tell me how thoughtful he is and what a good friend he is I want to cry.
I hope that when he grows up he knows that everything I do in my life is for him. Sometimes, I am afraid that he will resent me for not having a lot of money and being able to buy him everything his hearts desires. But I think he will know that I did my best and I only want him to be happy. He tells me every day that when he grows up he is going to take care of me. And that I am his best friend. If only he knew how much I truly love him and would die for him if I could.

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I stand by the saying that you never know real selfless love until you have a child.


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