I never knew hard it would be to work as an E.M.T. This field of work was at one point predominately male and I feel that sometimes it still is. I work with firefighters and police officers all the time and sometimes I feel like they see me as a weak little girl and like I can’t handle my job. It pisses me off when they try to push me aside when a patient needs to be lifted. They say things like I can pick them up if you can’t or they try to make me carry the bags. I put my all into my job and here come these guys that see me as nothing but a female and that sucks.

I am face to face with people that need my help and when someone that is supposed to be working with me doubts my ability to do my job in front of a patient, then the patient starts to doubt me too. I have had firefighters do that to me before it sucks. I have had officers try and push me aside to lift up patients because they felt I couldn’t do it.

Honestly at first I started to doubt myself if I was able to do this job or not. But then I remembered that just because I am a woman that doesn’t mean I can’t do this job. I know myself and my limits. If I come across a patient I could not lift then I would ask for help but only if I couldn’t. I will not let anyone tell me what my limits are. I have realized that I am the only one that can stop me from reaching the top.

To all the women out there that have to deal with the same issues just know that there is a reason you chose the career that you have and that you worked hard to get it. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Remember Stay focused and you will ALWAYS BE ON TOP.



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