Many women suffer from a lack of Self Esteem and Self Confidence.  “Media is a confidence killer, if we allow it. Movie and TV stars who appear to have perfect bodies, teach us that we’re supposed to look like that and if we don’t then no man will ever love us and we’ll never get a good paying job. I want you to know right now, that is a lie from the pit of hell. Most of the women on TV and in the movies have personal trainers and nutritionists that regulate what they eat and when and how much they exercise. I know most of us in the United States can’t afford to hire personal trainers and nutritionists, nor do we have the desire to live that kind of lifestyle. And the women you see on the covers of magazines are air brushed and photo-shopped to look the way they do…not to mention all the Botox and face-lift celebrities have these days.”
“I believe low self esteem and lack of confidence go hand in hand. When you don’t feel good about the way you look, the job you’re in, how you handle finances, or about your relationships and how you relate to others, you tend to hide and shrink back from being all you can be. Not liking yourself leaks into other areas of your life causing you to miss out on promotions because you were too afraid to ask, or developing a relationship with other females because you were jealous of the way they look or dressed, or position they held. Does this sound familiar? If you’re like most women it probably does.”

“So, where does all this lack of self confidence come from? Often it stems from childhood, or perhaps a bad relationship. Most often, the way someone else has treated us or words that were said once or a thousand times, have been engrained into our minds, causing us to think lowly of ourselves.”


You have to Start with yourself.  I honestly, believe that this World was meant to Break you.  You have to make Self Confidence your best friend.  If you hear a negative voice telling you, “that you’re always be fat” , “You’ll never have that job”,  “Your dumb” whether these voices are Inner or Outer you have to Love yourself so much that you Deflect those voices and turn them into Positive Reinforcement for yourself.  Say to yourself, “I’m going to study and Pass this Test”. “I’m going to eat a salad and exercise and lose weight”.  Don’t beat yourself up again that’s the World’s job not yours.  Nothing wrong with Admiring another girl’s smarts, shoes, etc.  But Get your Own.  Lack of Self –Esteem and Lack of Self-Confidence comes from well…..not Loving yourself.  So Love yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror and love your hair, skin and imperfections.  I highly recommend you saying to yourself, “I’m pretty, smart and I can get through everyday challenges”.  Remember, that each Woman is Blessed with a special gift that comes from God (Powers that be) and that we all shine.  You are Gifted and You are Talented.  Be your own Cheerleader every step of the way.







2 thoughts on “SELF-CONFIDENCE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND —by linda3000

  1. I have the tendency to be my own worst enemy. I constantly have to tell my thoughts to sit down shut up and take the back seat. It has stemmed from my childhood. I recently realized that inner critical voice is the voice of my parents. It wasn’t something they did on purpose but the negative stuff stuck with me through adulthood. I like that alot make self-confidence your best friend!

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    1. Hey AvonBeautyBagwithKat – thanks for sharing. That has happened to many of us. Sometimes it’s parents, siblings (weren’t we all teased by them), boyfriends/ significant others. But being Your Own Best Friend Means – You”re going to love yourself, Take Care of Yourself and Consistently Encourage yourself. Let’s share this article and get the message out there. Have a Fabulous Day!

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