Love the Skin Your In – By Tamik Realz 08

Love the Skin Your In

By Tamik Realz 08

Words are like bullets that can kill. They (words) can break
through any barrier that you have up and just shatter
Whatever pride you have in yourself. Just recently, I spoke
with my daughter and she is going through a situation at
school. Some girls called her ugly because her hair is
Natural and because she is Dark skinned. She came home
crying and even went as far as to say to me that she
wished she was white. That’s right she looked me in the
Face and said she wished she was white. I asked her, “Why
she would say something like that?” She said because if
She was white she would have pretty hair and lighter skin.
Now as her mom only one emotion ran through me
was anger. I wanted to find these little girls and yell
at them. But, I know I can’t do that so I deal with the one
that is front of me. I told her that you can’t listen to what
Everybody said especially if they are trying to hurt you. I
Wanted to give her the same speech that my mother
Gave to me: “Words are just words and that words don’t

As a kid I believed those words, but now as an
Adult I know that is not true. Words are like bullets and
They can kill. Words are the most dangerous weapon out
There; it can kill you slowly from the inside out. The ones
That have been hurt by these words go to the extreme to
Change the way they look. And to be honest that is sad
Because I think no one really satisfaction when they
Do. Now a day’s women are speaking out about how
Much they hate the way they look and how they wish to
Be lighter. I saw this post on Facebook of this woman that
took her mother to court because she came up to her job
• and the people at work saw that her mother had darker
skin and that was not okay with the daughter. She was
ashamed of her mother because of her skin. The reason
the daughter gave for hating darker skin is because she
grew up hearing that if you had lighter skin and longer
hair than you would have an easier life. Now I don’t know
about you’ll but as I was watching that I got pissed. This
lady stood in court in front of her mother and talked
about her like she wasn’t even there.

Whenever I hear someone talk about what they don’t like about
themselves its always because someone else told them.
Since when did we as women stop listening to ourselves.
I have always gone by the saying “if you’re not
paying my bills or making a positive change in my life
then what you say or do is irrelevant”. Since when did we
stop telling ourselves that we are beautiful no matter
what anybody says.

I use to say this to a lot of people and I am thinking that I need to start saying it again.No one can make you————————-
Feel any kind of way unless you let them. You hold the
Power of your life. and I look at it this way if you worked
hard at whom you are why let some negative person
come and tell you otherwise. Look I will admit I am not
Perfect I have had my world turned upside down by
believing the words of someone else and it took me a
Long time to and myself again. I learned to love me and to
Give someone that power over me again. So I ask where
Are my love myself more than anyone else women at?
Say it loud “I am woman and I am proud!”



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