Sex Again! Is it Okay to say NO? – Tamik Realz 08

Sex Again!

Is it okay to say NO?



Yes it is okay to say no to your partner every time he/she ask for sex. I feel that when you and your partner are being intimate it should be because both of you want to and not because u have to. Having sex with someone should never feel like a job or obligation because you are with them. If you don’t feel like it then your partner should understand. Just remember to say yes sometime too.

Now if you are in a relationship where you find that you can’t be intimate with your partner or you cringe every time he touches you then that means you are no longer attracted to that person. At some point your relationship you no longer desired his/her touch and no matter what he/she say or do you will still never want to feel their touch. Now don’t get me wrong you may still love that person you just might not want that person sexually. And that’s okay at this point in your relationship you should had developed this thing called communication. Now I know it can be a hard subject to bring up but if you don’t talk about it the situation can get a whole lot worse.

So as you guys know I always through a life experience in here so that you all know that I talk from the heart. So here we go. I was really young when I first got married and at first everything was fine I mean hey I got four kids (lol). But after a couple of years I was no longer attracted to him and I didn’t want him to touch me. But being young and not knowing what I was doing and had developed my communication skills I had sex out of duty as a wife and would have sex every time he asked me. After a while I found that I couldn’t keep doing that either, so I started to say no and I wouldn’t let him touch me. And for a while he was fine with that, but then he started getting sexually frustrated and then the arguments started. And then he took away my choice to say no.

Sex, love, intimacy, companionship and communication go hand in hand. It’s always okay to say no just communicate why. If you love the person you are with love them and show them that there is more than just sex in a relationship. And never forget intimacy, being intimate with someone without having sex takes you to a whole new level of love and it makes the sex so much better.

Remember there are two people in a relationship and both of you have a right to say yes or no. Sex is not a job it is an emotion and the moment you lose sight of that that is the moment you lose interest. 

(But this is only my opinion)


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