Finally Found The Right Exercise Program! – By Diedre

Finally Found The Right Exercise Program!

By Diedre

Edited by Linda

After many years of trying different gyms and aerobic classes and even a swimming class at one time, I finally found the best program for myself!  Jazzercise of Hackettstown in New Jersey!  We dance to different type of music followed by strength work with weights and stretching, lots of cool stuff jammed packed into an hour with supportive non judgmental instructors.  The entire staff and fellow students are amazing, offering workout engorgement and always a smile on their faces!

This positive experience was not always the case when I had tried other gyms and classes.  I have many learning challenges and issues with being distracted, which interfere with my basic daily living.  I have more learning issues than the average person, but I will not get into what my issues are.  That is another article for another day!  I want this to be about finding my perfect place that works for me which is Jazzercise!  Even though I had to try many programs to find the right one, I knew it was important that I didn’t stop until I found the right one.  A person like me really should stay active on a daily basic as it helps control anxiety and gets rid of the extra energy that is built up from the day.  

Here’s one example of how Jazzercise and the other programs/gyms are different;  I have problems writing down and copying numbers, one of my wonderful learning issues.  At this one gym I had to ask the front desk for a few new papers to write down my credit card number after noticing I copied it incorrectly.  Not only was the desk girl annoyed because she had to make a few copies but she rolled her eyes and said “not that hard to copy down a simple number.”  That is when I decided just to say to her I changed my mind and walked out.  I should have stood up for myself and even explain my situation and educate her, but this was God’s way of saying “this is not the gym for you.”  At Jazzercise a while back, I really wanted to order a pair of shoes from a catalog that they were promoting.  I only had one check on me so I could not mess it up!  I nervously asked an instructor to help me spell the words for the check after explaining why, and she didn’t even bat an eye and treated me so kindly and just like any other member of the studio.  She even helped me make sure that I ordered the right pair of shoes with the correct ordering number.  Two huge differences in the way I was treated.

One time about ten years ago, I decided to take a trial dance workout class at a local studio.  I have trouble keeping up at first while learning a new routine, so I am always a few steps behind or doing a totally different move.  The instructor saw me struggling on my first day I will add, and called me out on it and said in front of the class that I wasn’t keeping up.  I kind of knew that!  Calling me out in front of people who most likely have been doing it a long time does not make a new person feel very welcomed!  Also another time at a gym, I was trying to follow a diagram on how to work a machine but had trouble interpreting the instructions.  I decided to ask one of the gym workers to demonstrate as I was having a hard time learning it on my own.  He seemed annoyed by this and that I was taking time away from whatever he was doing on his phone and said read the directions again.   I was shocked and later decided it was time to try something else!   Jazzercise was a totally different experience!  First class I was scared I was going to mess up!  But the instructor came to meet me before the start of class and followed up with me after by encouraging me and saying it’s okay to make mistakes, just keep moving!  Well, I made a huge amount of mistakes during class but it was fun!  I didn’t even care because everyone was so nice.  The students even came up to me after class and said I did great!  The kind words were all I needed to know that yes, I finally found my place, my second home, Jazzercise of Hackettstown!  There were many times I asked an instructor to go over a move after class and they are always willing to show me while going at my pace.  They encourage you to ask questions and address any concerns one may have.  They had never called out anyone on mistakes and tell you to go at your pace and don’t rush if one is not ready.  They are always kind with smiles on their faces.  This is the place I want to be! No judgment zone that is drama free and people who enjoy their job at Jazzercise, unlike some places I first tried out!  

The more and more I do Jazzercise the more confident I become.  This program not only has helped me get healthy and lose weight, but it is the reason I have finally accepted my learning issues after living with them for many years. I used to hide my learning challenges but this program helped me tell others about learning disabilities and in some cases educate them.  Jazzercise has accepted me and my abilities and my not so abilities.  They don’t care that I am slower than the other classmates or that at times I need to take a break in the middle of class because of my distractions.  The instructors understand that sometimes my ADD kicks in and I am not fully paying attention to them but instead looking at the window watching the UPS truck or looking outside thinking about a college assignment that is due the next day.  Sometimes people think I am being rude or not interested in something because I do zone out, but that is not the case.  My brain sometimes gets into thinking about other things, a million other things!  I feel at ease telling them about my issues and how it may impact class and they are all  so understanding and accepting and just plain awesome!  I used to hide in the back of the class but discovered moving to the front of the class really helps me pay attention and get in a better workout.  At times when I am not feeling confident or if it was a bad ADD day I will try and stay in the back but the awesome staff always encourage me to move to the front.  By the end of class, I am happy I took the advice.  These are just some of the ways the instructors and staff really make me feel like part of the Jazz family.  They really care about the students and want us to do our best.

Jazzercise is really an amazing program and I really strongly suggest anyone give it a try.  It really has changed my life around not only my physical heath but my mental health.  I definitely would not be writing this article and admitting to my disabilities if I never found Jazz.  


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